Integrating nature into everyday life in order to increase wellbeing seems to be an increasingly common mindset that our society holds. The idea that wellbeing is reliant on ‘nature’ in some sort of way goes hand in hand with modern societies current obsession with sustainability with an ectopic vision for an eco-conscious megacity of tomorrow. Dystopias and Utopias are often a reflection of societies insecurities so it is understandable with global warming posing a major issue that this sustainable approach towards modern day architecture is such a trend. It is easy to see how sought after nature has become in real-estate . A property with a view comes with a price, so when considering state housing within this context, it is hard to miss the fact that there is an obvious lack of nature due to the fact that it is affordable housing that does not allow much flexibility in the way of location and scenic advantage.

This project seeks to challenge societies current mindset towards the significance of ‘natural’ presence within dwellings. Through the manipulation of materials that could be found in a dystopian like environment (limited nature), I will explore to supplement or even enhance what I believe can mimic natures ‘healing like’ properties.

 My design challenges and reinterprets the concept of Biophilia.  The home encourages a notion to escape into the great indoors.  Biophillia is an instinctive bond between human beings and other living systems and although a house in the scientific eye is not classified as a living organism, the hylozoism approach to my final design focuses on its interaction with humans and essentially channels the concept of Biophilia through an alternative lens on what ‘nature’ is…

Lost in an unpalatable world,
A place where the moon meets motionless shadows,
As the sun surrenders to the moons seductive words of sleep

Nothing to see here anyway.

It begins with the swelling of my eyes,
Seeking comfort in another like me, an earth mother,
My natural impulse – my bias – leads me towards her reputable arms.

Only in her absence is your conditioned mind freed, forced to reconsider an other.

I see the the light now.
The succulent glow of its skin absorbs me.


Among the forms and shadows cast between the light,

I am my own and yours, at last.
Inside the home, amid the air.


Being consumed by you,

the salt of your skin on my tounge,

This is more than skin deep,
I now have a taste for you.


You swallow me deeper into your midst,

And when I weep, you weep with me.


Remind me I am alive,

Fill me with adrenaline…


You are my pulse,
I am your impulse,

Together, Pulsating.


Enclosed within your ribs I feel secure, reassured,

I will not suffocate,
We breathe together.


Bi-metallic Wall:

Producing a bi-metal consisted essentially of only two alloys with opposite thermal expansion rates laminated together. I was unable to laminate so I experimented with alternate ways of binding the two allows I had sourced; brass and steel. I spot welded them several times so there was no way they could split when heated.

The bi-metal wall is situated on the North side of the dwelling. As the sun heats up the surface temperature of the wall, the strips begin to expand exposing creases of sunlight.



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